Linda B Schrader

Linda is the Community Outreach Coordinator and holds committee chair person position. She and her wife Karen Michelle lead the group with compassion, empathy and integrity.

Linda co-facilitates support and education  meetings and works within the local school system to support young LGBTQ+ persons finding their way through the daily struggle just to be themselves.

Recently she and Karen spearheaded the collaboration of their organization with multiple local community churches to assist the homeless youth within the county.

After a successful fundraiser,  the organizations working together filled and distributed blessing bags loaded with personal hygiene products such as tooth paste and brushes, mouthwash, soaps, combs, socks, wash clothes, hand wipes and non-perishable foods.

The blessing bags are hand sewn drawstring bags that the recipients can keep as their own. When empty it can be filled with clothing or other soft items and used as a pillow. To date more than 200 homeless youth have received one of these blessing bags.

Linda is an invaluable leader to the organization, a wonderful friend and staunch advocate.